So I'm cruising around on the east side of town and I'm supposed to pick up some guy named Tim close to one of my favorite coffee houses. I pull up and he's waiting on the curb, cool! He's just a normal looking guy in casual business attire, with a tan corduroy jacket with leather round patches on the elbows. That's kinda old school, but cute. He gets in and he is going to Bishops lodge. "What's going on out there?" I ask. "Oh I'm getting together with a bunch of members of my family, sort of a family reunion."  "Oh, are you looking forward to it, or are you doing it out of obligation? Sometimes family can be a  hassle. Seems like your unresolved emotional crap can come up and at times it can get confrontational." "No, it will be alright, I get along well with my family, haven't seen them in a long time. I'm looking forward to it." There was something so familiar about this guys voice, I had heard it before, bit of an english accent, at a stop light I turn around to get a better look at him. Oh my God, it's Tim Curry, Frankinfurter, from "The Rocky Horror Picture Show". A million lines went through my head. Are you waiting in Antici...  It's kinda like doing the Time Warp, huh? No, I will not subject him to that, he has heard all those lines way to many times. I will just act like I don't know who he is. We talked about family, and it seems he really does have a pretty healthy relationship with his family. He seemed pretty mainstream, almost conservative, which says to me that he is an incredible actor!      CC