I have been driving a cab in Santa Fe, 
New Mexico for a number of years. 
My friends are always asking me to 
tell them a cab story, and it seems I 
have a new outrageous story every 
night. I have decided to compile a 
collection of some of the best stories
on this site and to add them as they 
There are three major categories,
"The Dark Side" (which includes 
some of the sadder stories of our 
society in the in Santa Fe). 
"Comedy", (which are some of the
funnier stories), and "Celebrities". It
has amazed me how many well 
known actors, writers and musicians
I pick up in the cab here. I have 
changed the names in some of the 
darker stories. I maybe posting to the
real time blog as the night progresses,
if time permits. So, check it for real time
updates. I hope you enjoy"Cowboy 
Cabby",and oh, by the way, the name 
"Cowboy Cabby"came about because I 
tend to wear a cowboy hat while I drive 
the cab. And, a few people started saying
"hey look, it's a cowboy cabby!" and it
 just sorta stuck.
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